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I am a senior at Wheaton College double majoring in Film and New Media Studies and Studio Art.

A Summer Place (1959)

Nothing will put you in more of a summer mood than an idyllic, beachy, teen romance from the 1950s. They weren’t kidding about Sandra Dee, her character in A Summer Place is pretty much what Olivia Newton-John’s Sandy feared. Continue reading A Summer Place (1959)


Planet of the Apes (1968)

There’s something so charming about a good ole 1960s science fiction film. I was shocked when my older sister said she hadn’t seen the original series. When we saw the preview for the new Apes film coming out soon, we decided to watch them all!

We begin with the first film. Charlton Heston and his crew are wandering the desert, they found a sign of life, and they are about to go skinny-dipping. The writing, the music, the shot sequence, and every other component of the film just breathes 1960s.

But highly saturated color palettes and drastic wide shots over the abyss, I can only imagine the film was suspenseful, dramatic, and extremely entertaining in 1968. We may not be clinging to our chairs in 2014, but the entertainment value definitely continues to thrive.

Oh, but the ending! Genius is still found through the plastic faces of the apes, Heston’s snarling, and the clicking and popping sound effects. The moment Heston turns the corner on the beach, looks up, and sees The Statue of Liberty buried in the sand, oh I get chills every time!

If you are in the mood for a thrilling ride of charming hokeyness, I definitely recommend Planet of the Apes. The second one, however, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, is absolutely my favorite.

Five stars!


Hitchcock (2012)

Let me tell you, I was in quite a rut with the movies that have been released in the past year. As I’ve said a million times, technology is replacing the tasteful charm that originally constructed a good film. The authenticity has been lost, I would say. Well, I have been proved wrong once again.

Another perfect cast, another great group of writers. Anthony Hopkins nails it, to say the least. Helen Mirren was Helen Mirren, but her go-to character is so unbelievably likable that we don’t mind. The most pleasant surprise was Scarlett Johansson, who was absolute perfection as Janet Leigh.

The basic premise follows the production of Psycho. Since this is my favorite Hitchcock flick (besides Shadow of a Doubt and Notorious of course), I was totally and completely captivated from beginning to end. If you are a Hitchcock fan, please see it. You won’t regret it. Five stars!