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My love of classic film began with the American Film Institute’s Top 400 Films. In this process, I kept watching film after film, learning about the history of twentieth-century culture. As a film major at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, I have developed a strong admiration for writing about film.

I often confuse the line between critic and theorist. Some films I can’t help but react in a radical way. Other films I simply long to understand, each of which result in a long tangent about life.

My college major involves much discussion about new media and the various platforms which allow for user-generated content. When I merged these two interests and studies, a film blog was the perfect safe haven for me to store all of my crazy ideas.

Throughout this section, you will find all of my film reviews from my college career. They result from both inside and outside the classroom, filled with gut reactions and spontaneous philosophical rants.

When I decided to create this capstone, I knew these reviews would be only a small portion of this “Classic Film for Beginners” web page. Either way, the reason I love to watch movies, especially with friends and classmates, is the pleasure one receives from a great post-film discussion. That’s why I still believe that watching films is one of the greatest communal activities.

I remember seeing Tree of Life with my family. After the three hours of huh?, we sat in the living room, made some tea, and tried to figure it out. I still don’t really understand that movie, but the tea was really good.

Enjoy my reviews!















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