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To Rome, With Love (2012)

Just saw the newest Woody Allen movie, and it was pretty good. My sister convinced me to see it saying it wasMidnight in Paris, but set in Rome. Midnight in Paris was much better, and this film’s series of vignettes allowed for a much more scattered movie-watching experience, which you get already from Woody Allen‘s writing. 

The characters were endearing, filled with ditzy tourists and pseudo-intellectuals that fell in love, suffered from paranoia, and took initiative in the opportunities that were presented to them. They were blubbering and babbling, as if they gave the actors the outline of the scene and told them to just go

The shots of Rome were beautiful, the music was fantastic, and the cast of characters caused one surprise after another. First of all, Woody Allen himself finally stepped in front of the camera again for the first time since 2006. He could have been Mickey Sachs from Hannah and Her Sisters, just the sequel. 

Another great thing I noticed was that he has chosen great young actors to take the reins on the “young romance” quota of the film. Diane Keaton and Woody himself have been replaced by Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg, and they definitely fill the large shoes left for them. They both have the nervous babbling down from previous roles, so matching that with the genius writing of Allen, and you have a masterpiece. 

Some parts were slow, so I’ll give it four stars.