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Hitchcock (2012)

Let me tell you, I was in quite a rut with the movies that have been released in the past year. As I’ve said a million times, technology is replacing the tasteful charm that originally constructed a good film. The authenticity has been lost, I would say. Well, I have been proved wrong once again.

Another perfect cast, another great group of writers. Anthony Hopkins nails it, to say the least. Helen Mirren was Helen Mirren, but her go-to character is so unbelievably likable that we don’t mind. The most pleasant surprise was Scarlett Johansson, who was absolute perfection as Janet Leigh.

The basic premise follows the production of Psycho. Since this is my favorite Hitchcock flick (besides Shadow of a Doubt and Notorious of course), I was totally and completely captivated from beginning to end. If you are a Hitchcock fan, please see it. You won’t regret it. Five stars!



Psycho (1960)

Hands down. Hitchcock’s finest. And that includes Rebecca. GASP.

There is nothing more successful in the horror genre of film than a psychologically damaged man with a quiet demeanor and a mysterious mansion with an old woman’s silhouette in the window. Dayum what a combination. It’s frightening not only because of the music and the cinematography and the dialogue that chills you to the bone, but also the fact that you essentially enter the mind of evil. You begin to comprehend the dark workings of Norman Bates’ twisted mind. Who is to blame? His mother perhaps for keeping her child secluded from the real world, preparing him for a life of insanity and jealousy? Or is there no one to blame? Was Norman Bates born with a dark soul, inevitably living a life of destruction? God, HItchcock is such a genius.

My brain hurts. And I don’t think I’ll ever shower again.

Psycho (1960)